5/9/19 Individual Product Videos

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5/6/19 Revisions


Download GMS Expo (v4) here

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GMS Expo v3 Long

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GMS Expo v3 Short

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11/7/18 V2+

GMS Expo v2 Long

Why Trimaco?

GMS Expo v2 Short

Trimaco Products

11/2/18 Rough Cut

Items to review

  • Music

  • Animations

  • Interview Sequence

  • B-roll/shot selection

  • Product overlay animations (Carpet Film example, we can make these for each product)

  • Lower Third animations (Brad Wayne example, we can create one for each person with correct name and title)

Rough Cut (v1)- download here


Full Interviews - download here

B-roll - download here


GMS Expo Pre-Production

Videos can accomplish a wide variety of goals for small and large businesses. The #1 thing we find videos help with is customer education. 

This video shows a brief overview of the technologies we’ve worked with over the past year.

Below I have included a number of client examples that help in customer education, whether that be through product testimonials, product overviews, or explainer animations. Each video is a custom end to end solution for each one of our clients.

Industrial Product Focused Examples

Select Concrete Product Testimonial: This video explains how Select Concrete uses the Topcon LN-100 and how Benchmark helps with setup and service. 

This is a great example of a product testimonial told through the voice of the customer, rather than a salesperson. This genuine review goes a lot further than a sales pitch and shows how this technology is solving real world problems.

Williams Sand & Clay Product Testimonial: This video details how Will Williams uses the RDS Weigh-log on a daily basis.  

This product testimonial serves a similar purpose as the Select Concrete video, but also shows the install service that Benchmark Tool & Supply offers. Without directly selling the product or service, their customers now know they can rely on Benchmark for both—just like Williams Sand & Clay.

Additional Client Work

This video goes into detail about what it's like to work at Blue Cross, through the voice of their employees.

Videos like this one are used for recruitment purposes and live within the Blue Cross website.

This message is from the CEO of Blue Cross NC to their employees.

This concept/style can be adapted to feature a message explaining who Trimaco is and what they provide. 

This video is an example of a product overview without narration.

We included a number of animations to push the overall narrative instead of leaning on an interview or voice over. Videos like this are typically delivered in wide and square formats for use on their website and across all social platforms.

This video walks the customer through Cell Microsystems’ automated cell separator.

This video’s purpose was to loop during an expo event. There’s no sound, but the video, pictures, and animations have been adapted to still deliver the information in an annotated format. The notable features in this video are the animations we built out for the intro, product, and additional data sets.             

Additional Industrial Examples