Demoing new technology on the job.

Select Concrete knows a lot about grading and contracting work. They picked up a new Topcon LN100 and found that one person could now do the job of a whole crew. This completely changed how their business operated on a day-to-day basis and Benchmark wanted us to share their story. 



For this project, Benchmark wanted to make sure this story reached as many people as possible on their social outlets. In order to increase view online we included hard-coded captions.

70% of videos viewed on social platforms, such as Facebook and Linkedin, are viewed on mute. This has set in motion a trend to upload videos with captions embedded.

Think of these as hooks that draw the viewer in to click and hear the rest of the story. 

Primary Objective

The main goal here is to demonstrate how easy it is to use this advanced technology. The Topcon LN100 is a fully fledged robot that, when paired with one operator, can take the job of a whole team of men. We are talking about moving from a stake and hammer model to a world that's completely digital.

It was important to Benchmark to show how Devaki is able to use this technology, by herself, to accomplish a weeks worth of work in one day.

On the video side, we spent the day with Devaki and she gave us full access to what a day on the job is like. She walked us through each aspect of the product that she uses the most and discussed how this tech has been a complete game changer for her company.


Secondary Objective

In order to attract more social traffic to Benchmark's main website, they wanted to included a captioned version. Captioning is a service we provide in house. 80% of videos viewed on social platforms, such as Facebook and Linkedin, are viewed without the sound on. Because of this, Benchmark wanted to upload the primary video to Youtube, in order to embed on their website, but then they uploaded the secondary video to their social platforms. The captions increase views, length of views, and click through rates every time. 


Platform Specific Content

As always, we suggest a strategy that promotes the primary objective with varying forms of content. In this example we created 10 additional social clips for Benchmark to use in order to further promote the main video. It is important to do this with social clips because you avoid having to re-post the same content over and over again. These social clips are the bait that you can continue to post so that your content stream never stops.



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