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Charles Meeker, former mayor of Raleigh, ran a campaign for NC Commissioner of Labor against the infamous incumbent Cherie Berry. A major aspect of his campaign was focusing on and supporting high growth industries such as craft breweries.  

Charles Meeker ran a campaign against the incumbent NC Commissioner of Labor Cherie Berry. The campaign focused on protecting workers rights and safety regulations. Another part of the campaign focused on supporting legislation and regulation that foster high growth industries, such as craft beer. Craft brewing in NC adds $1 billion to GDP and employs over 10,000 people. One aspect of the video focused on his talking points of expanding these industries even further and supporting vertical expansion into craft beer equipment manufacturing. We shot the video in an NC brewery and featured shots of the canning process as well as interview style video with the candidate, Charles Meeker. The B-Roll visuals and animated graphics help to engage the audience in a policy video.


    The main video served to explain the role of commissioner of labor and introduce some of his campaign policies and plans. They used this video on their Facebook page and implemented paid promotion to target key demographics and constituents. Additionally we created 2 shorter clips with animated captions for use in email campaigns and on social media platforms. This meant that the campaign could spend marketing dollars more wisely and reach their desired audience more directly.



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