Drone Videography, Photography, and Surveying - Common for construction companies, law firms, DOT, agriculture firms. Add-ons include composting motion graphics into 3d scenes, tracked on effects, plot lines, etc.


Full Production Motion Graphics -complex animations and drone shots to explain intricate products or new technologies i.e. GPS surveying, precision agriculture, software.


Full Production Videography - We combine our skills and the aforementioned services in all the videos we make. Our video services also include: developing and executing a video concept and shoot strategy that can assist a business goal such as: increasing sales, brand awareness, event promotion, product promotion, pushing through a sales funnel, content marketing.



COMMON CLIENT hesitations

I’m afraid that a video agency will charge me insane prices for creative videos.

We’re a small company so we’re efficient. We don’t charge ridiculous fees. Additionally, we can customize the project by changing the deliverables to match most budgets. We do this by adjusting variables such as shoot days, timeline, animations, etc.

I’m afraid that creative types may deliver my project late or I will miss a deadline.

We’ll always delivery a project on time. We never miss a deadline or change terms afterwards. Depending on budget, we can offer turnaround as short as 1 week.

I’m afraid that X

No matter what their hesitation is, reiterate that we’re business owners too, so we know the importance of working efficiently, and meeting business goals. 




  • Inform stakeholders about new and upcoming events or existing programs within the company.

  • known as ‘talking head’ videos, they are usually simple setup.

  • often for internal use to share ideas between organizations and teams



  • serve to introduce the public to a new product or company

  • often more open ended concepts than other videos and require more planning and creativity (kickstarter, new product launch, marketing campaign, ad)

  • should always be combined with a multi-platform strategy (several other formats of the video between 15sec and 1 min for instagram and facebook)



  • these videos are used to explain a product or service in detail

  • often require more complex animations, drone shots, or detailed shots

  • opportunity for specialization in construction, agriculture, software, and other upcoming technologies




  • event announcement

  • short social clips with animations

  • bumpers

  • animated ads

Although we design all our videos with a multi-platform social strategy in mind, some videos are specifically designed to send a message on a particular platform. 



Construction, agriculture, technology

Companies that sell industrial technology including Topcon, CAT, John Deere, Bobcat, Leica, Martin Marietta. We have the opportunity to increase our competitive advantage in this market by providing high quality animations that allow the audience to understand advanced concepts. We believe we can specialize in this area, more specifically gps surveying equipment, precision agriculture, machine control, industrial tech**, forestry, and other industries**.



E-commerce includes companies that primarily sell their product or service online. This can include kickstarter videos, product launch videos, product ads, animated gifs, social animations. With these companies, we have the opportunity to develop a strategy across multiple social platforms to promote the main video and the product. We specialize in creating unique product ads and animations optimized for each social platform.  


Small to medium businesses

We find that there is a sweet spot between startups/small businesses and large corporations. We look for companies that are growing and expanding but may have little to no video content. We see this as an opportunity to help the business expand their video content and social presence. These companies should also have real growth in sales and revenue that allows them to afford a larger marketing budget. Compare this to underfunded startups or small business with little marketing budget. This niche allows us to help the company expand through the use of a multi-faceted business strategy combined with engaging video content.

examples : Santana Leather Care, Arrow Haircuts



$3500-$5000 Invoice

$250-$500 commission

$5001-$10,000 Invoice

$500-$1000 commission

$10,001-$25,000 Invoice

$1000-$5000 commission