Superhero Dreams, Startup Budget.

We teamed up with RELY home security and the Harmon Brothers to produce a video that introduces RELY's new product in both an engaging and informative way. The Harmon Brothers are notorious for producing the highest grossing viral facebook ads. They're the ones behind popular ads such as the Squatty Potty, The Purple Mattress, and Fiber Fix

They use entertainment to engage, relate, and ultimately convert their specified audience into online sales. However, this track record comes at a price. A price of $500,000 just to start the conversation.

They understood our client, a startup, could not possibly pay an amount that large. But instead of closing the door, they helped us out with the pre-production and script, answered any questions we had during the filming process, and reviewed the final video before posting.  

All in all an interesting collaboration, that delivered the content the client needed at a fraction of the price. Take a look at all the pieces that went into completeing this project below:

RELY Case study_001.png



RELY is a wireless home security system with smart home and IoT integration.  The system provides 24/7 professional monitoring, emergency dispatch, and completely wireless installation. Additionally, it allows you to control everything with a mobile app. 



When introducing a new product to the marketplace, it can be hard to stand out from the competition.  If your selling a product with many different features and options, it becomes even harder to communicate your message in a clear and concise way. At the same time your product video needs to be both exciting and engaging. 

When working with RELY, we set out to solve both of these problems, by creating a video that familiarizes the public with the new brand, but also informs the customer in an interesting and engaging way. 

Sales is both informational & emotional:

Rely Home security offers a comprehensive security system that includes motion detectors, CO2 and smoke detectors, glass break sensors, keychain remote, smart home integration, emergency dispatch, 128-bit encyption, wireless installation, and the list goes on.

How can we deliver this information so that customers will remember this home security system, let alone any of the features? 

In order to do this, we teamed up with a writer from the Harmon Brothers, a company that specializes in videos designed to generate online sales. They helped create a script that combined brand awareness with information and customer education. Our video uses comedy and relatable characters to explain home security in an entertaining way. 

Connecting through emotion & logic:

  1. Customers are more likely to remember examples rather than abstract ideas, so the script covers the important selling points of the system (low cost, easy installation, no contracts) while showing analogies related to each feature. The stories and jokes also attempt to connect with the audience through an emotional connection.
  2. Another important aspect within the sales process is overcoming objections. The video features two call to actions, one to capture initially interested customers, as well as one at the end following the explanation of common objections or hesitations to the product.  
  3. The clicker in the bottom visually drives home a major point of the video: a home break-in occurs every 13 seconds in the United States. Are you prepared?

Campaigns designed for custom audiences:

Another important part of this campaign was designing the content with social distribution in mind. Several features of the campaign cater to the social audience.

First, the video immediately catches the audience with a smash through the front window of the house. It's always important to grab your audiences attention within the first 5 seconds, but it becomes especially important for video advertisements.

Additionally, we hard-coded the captions on Facebook (approximately 70% of viewers watch Facebook videos without the sound). We created a youtube version without hard-coded captions and a Instagram version cut down to under 1 minute. We then developed a series of short clips and gifs to distribute in email campaigns and on the RELY website.

These clips further the goal to push traffic through the sales funnel in unique and interesting ways. 


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