Project Tracker

4/19/19 Rough Cut

MCA Event (v1)


I Love MCA (v4)

Timeline (v4)

John (v4)


I Love McAdams (v3)

Timeline (v3)

John (v3)

Rough Cuts

I Love McAdams(v2)Cut_001 [5:48]

I Love McAdams(v1)Cut_001 [3:09]

John Cut_001 [5:35]

Countdown Clock(v1)Cut_002 [2:00]

Timeline(v2)Cut_001 [4:15]

Audio Files(v2)

Audio Files(v1)

Countdown Concept Approval-

Timeline Animation [Rough Cut] -

Vine Rich Events - Next Steps 

  • Determine budget for event recap video.

  • Send timeline revisions. (Any additional revisions beyond 3/4 email?)

  • Send audio revisions. (Once these are sent we can finish the clock)

  • McAdams’ Kids footage. (Roberta is sending)

  • Charlotte footage. (Roberta is sending Friday)

  • Send countdown revisions.

  • Old Photos & Videos of John or the company

  • List of people being interviewed

    • /bio where necessary.

    • # of years they've worked at McAdams.

  • List of significant events for 40 year timeline,

  • List of 8 employees receiving service awards.

  • Determine what we need Sean Steigerwald to say. Current script final?

  • Determine Event recap direction. 

  • Determine if we want voice over narration for the timeline.

  • Approve Timeline or submit Timeline revisions.

  • Create additional John Tribute questions for Chris, Mike, and Janice.

The Grid - Next Steps

  • Timeline Revisions

  • Countdown Revisions

  • Why I love Concept V1

  • John Concept V1

  • Final shoot Friday 3/1

  • Email McAdams Agreement

  • Create High level Project Brief, Project Tracker, Shoot Schedule outline

  • Complete Pre-Docs and Compiling Resources

  • Determine direction of 40 reasons John

  • Determine where we want to shoot in the office & where we want to shoot with the family.

  • Update website to track project and completion of tasks

  • Copy for 40 year timeline

  • Copy for 40 reasons why…

  • Copy for 40 reasons John…

  • Create Day of Interview Doc for Raleigh and Dallas.

  • Send Rough Timeline Animation for approval.

  • Finish Questions for John’s Tribute.

    • Add additional questions/Pictures.

  • Determine Timeline Narration needs.

Animation Concept Approval -

This video below covers the art direction from a high level. We’ve integrated maps and aeronautical designs to illustrate the progression of the company from Wright flyer to commercial jet. The majority of the timeline will be spent covering events that fall on the red line and from there it will transition into the simulated plane above the clouds. This plane will be rebranded with McAdams logos and as it flies off screen we will reveal the headshots/awards above the clouds.