Project Brief

Confirmed Shoot Dates - 2/26 & 3/1, (4/5 TBD)

Delivering 3 videos for the presentation at McAdam’s 40 year anniversary party at Angus Barn 4/5 with additional presentation animation assets and voice over work.


40 Year Timeline - The goal of this video is to provide a brief 3-5 minute overview of the last 40 years at McAdams.

40 Reasons Why -After closing out the video above, and providing the service awards, the presentation will then transition into 2-3 minute video outlining the 40 reasons why “I” love working at McAdams.

John McAdams Tribute - As the show comes to an end, the final 2-3 minute video will be played as a surprise and tribute to John McAdams.


  • interviews on 2/26 & 3/1

    • 2/26 - 40 reasons why, John McAdams Tribute, and Timeline Questions.

      • Company interviews with Employees

        • Multiple locations within the office

        • Raleigh Employees & Flown in employees.

      • Raleigh Office b-roll

    • 3/1 - John McAdams Tribute.

      • Interview with John's wife

      • Catch up if more interviews are required from first shoot. 

  • Plane b-roll will be filmed separately

  • iphone videos/messages sent from family living in other parts of the world.  



  • 1 Camera (c100mkii) setup straight on with 50mm

    • or 2 Camera setup with wide and medium shot.

  • 1 Lav mic wired into c100

  • 1 Sky Panel pointed up reflecting light

  • 1D for b-roll


  • 2 Camera setup

  • 2 Angle static

  • 1 Sky Panel + light kit 


  • Countdown to take off displayed 2-minutes before presentation start.

  • Plane b-roll/Plane animations as "Pilot" starts directing people to their seats.

  • 40 year timeline intro (clouds part?)

  • 40 year timeline complete concept assets

  • Transition into service awards

  • Headshots with wings and plane assets behind

  • Service award slide is held while they walk to the stage and then transitions into the intro of the 40 reasons why.

  • Animate in old pictures and videos for 40 reasons why & 40 reasons John.

Export Settings:

  • PlaybackPro is Apple ProRes 4:2:2 Standard (not HQ or LT).

  • Second choice is h.264. Both in a .mov wrapper (.mp4 is not recommended).

  • File size really doesn’t matter. 

  • 1920x1080 and 2 channel audio is perfect.