Interview Questions

Timeline Concept:


  • When was McAdams founded, by who? And what did the team look like back then?

    • April 2nd 1979 in a 240sq/ft gas station office…what was it like?

  • What was the goal when McAdams was founded?

  • How has the path pivoted and changed after these last 40 years?

  • What were some of the big milestones along the journey? Moves, acquisitions, big hires?

  • Talk about these significant events:

    • The first founder's day April 1980 with 11 employees. How important has this event been over the last 40 years?

    • What was the focus of the 80s?

      • To expand services? To grow the internal company? Talk about what led to the move in 1989 on Meridian Parkway.

    • How would you characterize the 90s

      • Growing company hit by Hurricane Fran.

      • Move again in 1999 to a high and dry office.

    • How did McAdams tackle the early 2000s with the dot com bubble and the recession in 2008.

      • Did the company and employees stay strong?

    • What changed when Mike took over in 2010, and how did the company look to grow 2010-2019? Did this signify the change from a local to national level company?

  • Where do you see McAdams going over the next 40 years?

    • Something that alludes to the following: Ready for Takeoff, Sky's the limit.

  • "we couldn't have done it without the people…" Allude to the hard work and commitment of employees teeing up the service awards, thank all employees for their hard work.

40 Reasons Why?:


  • Why do you like working at McAdams (restate the question)

  • What about McAdams makes this a great place to work?

  • What do you look forward to when you come into work everyday?

  • What's different here than past places you've worked?

  • What little things does McAdams do that you appreciate? From the quirky clocks to the employee excursions?

Example Answers:

  1. Always being able to know what time it is at Mcadams because of how many clocks we have

  2. Friday Breakfast on the House

  3. Wonderful experience

  4. Creating experiences through experiences (their slogan)

  5. The McAdams Community

  6. In-house massages

  7. Concierge Services ( Car wash, dry cleaning)

  8. I am part of the most interesting, iconic, and impactful projects in the region.

  9. Helping the customer make there dream come to a reality

  10. Improving our communities

  11. Colleagues who support one another in professional development

  12. The service McAdams provides

  13. A work/life balance atmosphere

  14. Employee only excursions

  15. Free beverages and snacks

  16. How McAdams gets involved in schools around our community 

John’s Tribute:




Mike Munn

  • When did you join McAdams and how has the company grown since then?

  • How much of the company culture and growth can be attributed to John?

  • What about John made you want to join McAdams?

  • Can you reflect on what John and McAdams have meant for your career and for you personally?


  • How did you and John meet? What caught your eye about him?

  • How early into McAdams did y’all start your family?

    • Were you and the kids on board and helping out at McAdams in the early days?

  • Did you ever work at McAdams or have a role within the company?

  • Talk about this picture and the day you cut the McAdams ribbon with John.


Additional Pictures:

Mike Munn