The Importance of Creating a Content Library.

We work with Benchmark Tool & Supply on a recurring basis to accomplish short-term objectives while building out content for their long-term vision. Benchmark is a GPS specialist that helps companies integrate advanced automated technology into large machinery. The equipment they install and service is high tech, specialized, and at times confusing to a new customer. 

A majority of Benchmark's time is spent educating current and first time customers on new products that have become available in their industry. In order to better utilize their salesmen's time, they adopted a recurring video strategy with the goal to build out a library of product testimonials. This content can then be pulled whenever a customer has questions about a particular piece of equipment while also providing a steady stream of content for their social platforms.




Benchmark Tool & Supply works with many types of technology across the board related to construction, agriculture, UAVs, machine control, and GPS.

Sales and marketing in this field often requires extensive customer education. We aim to build a video content strategy for Benchmark Tool & Supply that educates customers on current product offerings, demonstrates credibility through testimonials, and establishes a long term content library highlighting products, past work, and industry relevant information.


With a wide variety of products and services, Benchmark has many topics to cover through video. We help them accomplish this through genuine customer testimonials and product walk-throughs.

These videos show the potential customer exactly how other people are using and benefiting from that technology on the job-site and on the bottom line. We aim to complete several of these videos per month to keep stakeholders updated and to provide a content stream for social distribution. This content stream allows Benchmark Tool & Supply to have interesting material and content to share with customers on a recurring basis and gives salespeople a library of videos to work with.



Working with Benchmark on their long term vision also allowed us to achieve greater potential from the same amount of filming and scheduling. By coordinating production and content schedules over several months, we are able to build up compilation and highlight videos annually and/or semiannually.

These videos can include combined testimonials from clients across industries, highlight past work done and events held, while also allowing Benchmark to review and share content across long term timelines. This strategy builds a content library for Benchmark to share with customers, use in marketing materials, and re-purpose for specific business goals.



Benchmark is able to use their content in a variety of ways across platforms including e-commerce websites, social media outlets, email campaigns, and at live events/shows.

We aim to allow Benchmark to use these different types of content in unison. For each project we create several short clips that highlight interesting points, dynamic animations, and eye catching activity. These clips act as hooks for all other content created. These videos can be used on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked-in and can lead customers to primary videos, detailed case studies, articles, landing pages and other longer form videos. 



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