Founder’s Day - Ready for Takeoff

Video 1 - 40 year Timeline

The goal of this video is to provide a brief 3-5 minute overview of the last 40 years at McAdams.

To complete this goal, we’ll use an animated timeline concept stylized with the theme “Ready for Takeoff”. Ideally, we will have a plane fly the audience through the story of McAdams as employees discuss/voice over the significant events we wish to highlight.

The video itself will cut back and forth between the animated timeline, employee interviews, and any additional found content that can be displayed, such as old company photos or videos. Specifically, for this video, it will be important to capture an interview that brings all these events full circle. The end of this video should acknowledge how these events have contributed to where they stand today while also teeing up where they will go tomorrow.

With that in mind, we will need to capture…

  • 1-2 Opening interviews discussing how McAdams was founded.

  • 3-5 Interviews covering significant events and following the founding of McAdams.

  • 1-2 Closing interviews teeing up the next 40 years and thanking the 8 people that are receiving service awards.

Before the day of filming, we will need…

  • A confirmed list of significant events and dates.

  • Company photos or videos.

  • Selected employees to make the opening and closing statements.

  • List of 8 employees receiving service awards and their headshots.

Animation Examples

These three videos below display how we’ve implemented animations and interviews into presentations for NAI Carolantic, Arrow Haircuts, and BCBSNC. These concepts were custom built, and are not exactly the same direction we will take this McAdams video, however there are aspects from each that we can pull from; such as, the speaker headshots in the NAI Carolantic opener.

[NAI Carolantic Conference Opener]

[Arrow 5 year Anniversary]

[BCBSNC Retail Center Opening]

Video 2 - 40 reasons why…

After closing out the video above, and providing the service awards, the presentation will then transition into 2-3 minute video outlining the 40 reasons why “I” love working at McAdams.

This video’s concept will be fast paced, up beat, and provide 40 unique reasons why McAdams is a great place to work. The video itself will consist of quick employee interviews, as well as in office employee b-roll to use as transitions.

We will need to capture…

  • 1-2 opening interviews that re-state the question in 1-2 sentences.

  • 1-2 interviews that restate the question in under 1 sentence to carry the middle of the video.

  • 1-2 closing interviews that summarizes all these statements into one…McAdams is the best place to work.

  • 40+ unique 1-2 word answers.

We will also need to document…

  • The number of years each employee, we plan to interview, has worked at McAdams.

  • A list of 40+ unique reasons to guide employees on the shoot day.

Interview Examples

These videos show two interview styles we’ve completed for BCBSNC that are similar to the video concept above. At 45 seconds, in the Spirit Week video, the BCBSNC employees talk about why they love working at Blue Cross. We can improve on this fast paced, man on the street, style of answering the questions further by matching the interview setup in the Thrive video.

[BCBSNC Spirit Week]

[BCBSNC Thrive Recap]

Video 3 - 40 Reasons…John - Changed to John McAdams tribute.

As the show comes to an end, the final 2-3 minute video will be played as a surprise and tribute to John McAdams.

The video will open with Johns family discussing his personality and early life when he founded McAdams. Old photos and videos of John will play as family and friends within the company continue to touch on how his “fast” lifestyle has influenced how John’s grown the company over the last 40 years. From there we will have employees describe how exciting it is working with John and how they feel apart of the company’s growth. The video will then end with closing statements thanking John for everything he has done to get McAdams to this point and how excited the company is as a whole to takeoff into the next 40 years with him as their leader.

We will need to capture..

  • 1-2 opening interviews with John’s family about his early life and what it’s like having him as a dad.

  • 3-5 interviews with employees that have been with McAdams, and John the longest.

  • 3-5 interviews with employees discussing what it’s like working with Joh.

  • 40+ one word description of John from employees.

  • 1-2 closing interviews thanking John.

Before the day of filming, we will need…

  • To determine if this video is best delivered as a “40” list or if we should focus more on piecing together the most moving narrative.

  • To determine if we want to interview the family at the McAdams office, or at a separate location.

  • To identify employees/family for the opening and closing statements.

  • Old photos and videos of John to use as transitions.  

Photo Example

This example video lacks a voice over narrative, but shows how we can include older photos in unique ways that still push the overall narrative forward.

[Arrow Franklin St.]

Shoot Strategy

Three separate videos, each over 2 minutes, would usually cost upwards of 10-15k from a normal video agency…but with an efficient shoot strategy we can cut those costs down tremendously. We can film, edit, and deliver all three videos at the same time and combine the costs into one quote.

  • Combined quote available

For this project we’re looking at a total of 2 shoot days to cover all the necessary interviews and b-roll to deliver each video. We may be able to schedule each employee interview on the same day, however the number of interviews is going to be over 40 and because of that it will likely take 1-1.5 shoot days to complete with an extra half day included if additional time is needed for interviews or office b-roll.

In order to keep this project on schedule, we will need to..

  • Approve and finalize budget by January 22nd.

    • As soon as this is approved we can begin working on the animated timeline ahead of actually filming the interviews.

  • Schedule 2 shoot days for late February or early March.

    • Pre-Docs will need to be approved 3-5 days prior to shoot day.

  • Have filming completed by March 8th to deliver ahead of April 1st deadline.

  • Have animated timeline concept approved by March 8th.

Alfred Williams