30 minutes on the clock...



Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina held the 'Trailblazer Challenge', a competition between employees to encourage exercising and leading an active lifestyle. The company was divided into teams lead by 8 executives. Our goal was to create a video to highlight the challenge, to celebrate the winners, and celebrate the participants. But the catch? We only had 30 minutes to do it.

Throughout the Trailblazer competition, employees were encouraged to walk, run, bike, or swim as many miles as they could. The team with the most miles would win a half day trip to go hiking in the North Carolina forests. Blue Cross wanted to feature 8 chief executives in the video, but finding a time where all 8 executives were available to film was difficult. We had one opportunity to pull it off...


30 minutes of total shooting time required proper planning in advance of the shoot date.  We setup different stations with props and backdrop ready for each scene of the video. We also had several cameras running to capture the event from varying angles. The executives raced out of their meeting, completed the video, and returned inside in under 30 minutes. 

Getting creative with Motion Graphics...

In order to add some excitement to the video, we wanted to include animations inspired by ESPN and Monday Night Football.  We felt that to bring this video full circle there needed to be a build up to the race that was exciting and unique to each team. 

We designed custom templates for each team captain, with team colors and Blue Cross branding. The stylized sports intros and animations added to the competitive spirit of the challenge and hopefully inspired future health and wellness competitions at BCBSNC.

Take a look at how we built these animations layer by layer in the gifs below:


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