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10/8/18 Revisions

TechNow (v2)

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  1. Intro Animation

    1. This version overlays the logo onto a drone shot. If there’s readability issues here, we can swap out the drone shot for a white background.

  2. Lower Title Animation Placeholder

    1. Right now we have a placeholder animation with Jo Abernathy’s title. We’ll need names and titles provided for each interview during the revision process.

  3. Outro Animation

    1. Currently, the outro is left to be decided. Once we have all the pictures provided we can adjust.


  1. Any soundbites that need to be removed from the 2 minute cut?

  2. Any soundbites from the unedited interviews that need to be included in the 2 minute cut?

After Feedback:

We’ll correct exposure, color settings, address any further revisions, and provide a 1-minute square cut for social media.

Tech Now Rough Cut_001

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Tech Now Interviews